Logo for Kate

Look at the awesome logo I made at: onlinelogomaker.com


The goal for this assignment was to create a logo (4 stars).  I decided to create a logo for my character that would incorporate her power (rescuing animals). I wanted to keep the logo very simple, so I chose plain colors and a simple font. I then added the heart and the animals to indicate that her job is to heal and save animals. I really like the pictures and think that they add a lot to the logo but they do not overwhelm it. I liked doing this assignment because every superhero needs a logo and a way to be remembered. I can see her using this to advertise her power and getting people to be nicer to animals. I started by finding the website and the chose the fonts and colors. I then searched through all of the logo/picture options and then arranged them to fit. I then sign up and got the logo in my email.


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