Avengers Analysis

For my film analysis, I decided to use the movie Avengers 2. I have always liked the Marvel movies and figured they have so many characters and action scenes that it would be a good movie to look for the features. After I watched the videos on features in film, I searched for clips on youtube. I found two clips that I noticed had the features Ebert and Zhou discussed. I found the 4K Video Downloader information and dowloaded the youtube videos using it. I then added the clips to iMovie and removed the audio. I then directly recorded my voice over the scenes and added in my intro. I was really nervous and concerned about how this would work, and it was surprisingly very easy. I have often wondered how people do this and now I know! The first clip show the Hulk aka Bruce Banner coming into frame and drawing the attention of the viewer. After watching the clip again, I also realized the bright red drink was extremely vibrant and meant to draw attention to it. The conversation between the two uses a reverse shot to play on their chemistry and banter. In the second scene the actors are placed in a circle representing the team and the unity of the group. I also noticed how the characters were either sitting on the couches or the floor. Another feature was the strategic placement of the food and how it is super messy and shows they were having a good time. I noticed in the last scene that they place Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the center of the camera and the Avengers surrounding him to indicate that everyone is against him and his actions. I found this very interesting and smart because it gives the viewer a feeling of him against the rest of them. This was a really cool project to work on, and I think I will look for these film features in future films I watch. Until next time, Emily