Commuter Sounds

When I saw thisĀ (3.5 stars), I thought it would be good to tell the story of commuting to classes. I am a commuter student, so this is my routine of driving to campus everyday. I used freesound to find all of the sounds and was amazed with all of the options. I started by finding the most realistic sounds. I found the sound of a house door locking and then added the sound of keys dangling. I then used a car door opening and shutting to represent me or someone getting into a car. I found a car starting and then added a radio station to that. I always listen to music in the car, so I found radio sounds. I then added normal car sounds and found a car parking. I layered the car locking with footsteps.

This was a great assignment for me to practice mixing and adding sounds to each other. I also like how many different sounds I was able to use to create the story.


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