Daily Creates for the Week

This week’s daily creates were a lot of fun to think about! My first daily create was for daylight savings time. I decided to find a GIF to represents setting your clock back and really liked this one from The Office. Next, I found this picture of this odd combination of signs and decided it was the perfect choice. Those are two signs that should never be together and was amazed that they were together. My last daily create allowed me to reminisce about memories from a long time ago. Since the holidays are approaching, I thought of the times when I was a kid and how excited I was to spend time with my cousins. I have a lot of cousins, so we would always have so much fun together. Now that we are all older, we don’t get to see each other that often. Don't forget or else you'll be super early! #ds106 #tdc2488 pic.twitter.com/Qh0m08qfBy — eahumw (@EmilyHutchins8) November 3, 2018 I found this on google and definitely not a good combination of road signs. #ds106 #tdc2490 pic.twitter.com/uAMebBH0oQ — eahumw (@EmilyHutchins8) November 6, 2018 I remember being little and getting so excited to see my cousins at Christmas! All of my family would get together and that rarely happens anymore. #ds106 #tdc2493 — eahumw (@EmilyHutchins8) November 9, 2018   Until next time, Emily