Daily Creates for the Week

I really think that daily creates are one of my favorite things to do each week. I like how quick and unique the ideas are. For the first tweet, I thought about different people and realized that one of the ultimate power couples would be a great option. George and Amal Clooney are both attractive and seem very smart.

For this daily create, I googled what movies were released and what happened in 1997 (the year I was born). I found that the Titanic was released that year, so I knew that would be a good one to do!

The Doomsday Shelter was fun and slightly terrifying to think about. I would get so bored in a doomsday shelter! I thought about the essentials to life and knew that Netflix is one of those things. I am not sure how the whole internet/connectivity would work but Netflix and youtube would be musts!


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