Design Blitz

This week I was more observant of everything around me and the designs they have. I went to target this week (my favorite store) and found the concepts. The cereal aisle had a ton of color that was extremely dominant. The companies definitely use dominance and color to appeal to buyers. The water bottle had rhythm aspects because the pattern is repeating and has a definite pattern. The back of the medicine box is filled with text with information and a message. They is a lot of information but it is very effective and delivers the important message. This picture uses proportion with the flowers and leaves. Some of the leaves are larger in some areas while in other areas the flowers are larger. The proportion gives it a natural feel and makes the flowers stand out more. The typography in the candle is very relaxing and calming and attractive to buyers. It was really cool to walk around target and this week to find and pay attention to these design concepts.


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