Dream Vacation

For this assignment (3.5 stars), I got to plan my dream vacation on Pinterest. I immediately knew that I would love to go on a vacation all over Europe. I would love to spend over a month or so being able to travel to various cities. A few of the cities I would like to see would be Venice, Rome, Florence, Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona, and so much more. I would like to also go to London and Paris again. I think this would be an amazing trip full of lots of amazing experiences. My board has a variety of the places and sites I would want to see. It also some guides for some of the places. For the trip, I would obviously need a lot of time off, a passport, and a ton of money! I think I may one day be able to visit some of these place but not all at once. I definitely want to go and be able to get a sense of the society and get to eat all of the different food. I started by creating a board on my Pinterest account. I then searched for various cites in Europe and general travel ideas for the cities.

Here is my board:



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