Four Icons, One Rescue


I decided to incorporate my character into this assignment (3 stars). The unique thing with this story is that it also happened in real life a few months ago. I decided that my character Kate would not waste time waiting for the raccoon to scale the building. Kate would be able to use her flying superpower to fly up and safely carry the raccoon to safety. She would then feed him and make sure that he had no injuries and then let him go free in a park where he would never get into danger again.

I really liked the idea of incorporating a real life story into my characters job. This story was all over news and had everyone worried about the raccoon. First, I thought about the story and how I could incorporate my character. I then used Noun Project Search to find the icons. I had a hard time thinking of what to use for the rescue icon and then decided that a life buoy would be a good option because it is a universal rescue sign. I then added them to the blog and decided which icons go first. The website had so many options to pick from and I really like simplifying the story.


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