Kate to the Rescue

It was a normal morning until Kate got an alert on her phone saying a cat was in need. The cat was stuck on an extremely high shelf and needed to be rescued. Kate rushes to the cat who is calling for help. The cat is too high for cat to reach, so she runs for a ladder. She brings the ladder and gets the cat safely down. The cat is extremely appreciative and gets to go back to sleeping in his bed.


This assignment took a lot of thought. I had to plan how I was going to use my character and decided that the best way was to rescue my cat somehow. I carefully placed my cat on a shelf and used my newly learned photo skills to make him seem higher than he actually was. I then took photos of me reaching out for him and then balancing a ladder up high to get to him. This was a hard task because I was juggling the ladder and my cat who wanted to get down while taking the photo. I added the text bubbles to some of the pictures since Kate can talk to animals. I used the website lunapic┬áto add the text bubbles and added some transparency to them. This story was cool to create because I got to plan it and then follow through with it. I also got build my character’s story a little more and work on my creative skills.


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