Live Tweeting Anansi Boys

Going into this, I had no idea what to expect. I had never participated in a live-tweeting session or listened to a story like this. It was an cool story with so much production! The scenes were able to be differentiated through the use of the music changing. They also used sound effects which helped lead to the setting. My favorite sound effects were definitely the jungle sounds and the beach waves with the birds. They helped me to stay focused, change the setting, and imagine the scene. I thought it was hard to focus sometimes and also differentiate between the different characters. They also used an incredible amount of detail in the words that they used. They used very descriptive words to portray the scenes. The accents were a really cool feature because some of the women’s’ accents portrayed a sense of mystery and led to their characterization like the bird lady sounding like a bird. Overall, this was a really cool experience that I really liked listening to. I thought getting to tweet with everyone and hear all of the different thoughts was a unique way to communicate.

Here are some of my tweets:

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