“Moon Graffiti”

This was a very interesting story to listen to. It sounds extremely realistic and makes you feel like you are in space. The way the scene is described it makes you not need visual aid because you can imagine it.  Through the tone of their voices, you can tell the mood and the sadness or other emotions present. For example, when they are talking about their families and leaving messages that really conveys the sadness and human nature.

The audio above sounds like actual audio from the moon landing. The crash and then the moment of silence after make you think about the what ifs of it that actually happened. The moment of silence makes you feel a sense of sadness and want to reflect on the moment.


The background audio and sound effects gives the extraterrestrial theme. It also gives a tone of mystery around the moon landing and the events occurring in the audio. This was also used in the shows we watched last week. I think sound is an important quality of a story because it can create a much better sense of emotion and describe the scenes better than words sometimes. Audio also related to our theme because many of the tales and myths were told verbally and passed down between the generations that way.


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