My Dream Schedule

For the Story Within a Story assignment, I decided to make my dream class schedule. I downloaded Google X-Ray and then searched for various ideas and then realized canvas would be fun to try. It is an easy website and did not have too many features. I thought about classes that I would love to take and chose a few of them. I then edited the classes and put my new classes in. I chose intro to cooking, animal lovers, intro to travel, and nap taking. I also had to change all of my assignments to represent my new classes. I definitely wish I could take these classes instead of my other classes. I really like all of these options, and I wish they were offered here at UMW. For some reason, it would not let me publish the site because it would not open the link or let me login. So here is a screenshot:


(This link would not work. It just kept popping up.)


Until next time,


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