Pinterest Room

I thought¬†this assignment (4.5)¬†was a lot of fun and made me want to redo my room! I started by creating a Pinterest account for the class. I then created a board specifically for my room ideas. I searched for ideas involving comfy and elegant rooms. I also searched for various designs of wallpaper. I think accent walls of either a different color or wallpaper are super pretty. I found several pictures with really pretty chandeliers and thought they added sophistication and were something unique. I really liked the neutral color scheme with pops of pinks and blues. For fun, I added some extravegant rooms right on the beach and ones that had pools in them. I also liked the idea of having a sitting area that was super comfy like a window seat or comfy chair. I really like all of the pins I found, so I definitely hope to incorporate some of the aspects into future renovations. Here is my board:   Until next time, Emily