Superhero Mashup

For this assignment (4 stars), I decided to put my character, Kate, into a scene. I found a super hero character online and then used the “Photoshop Mix” website to cut her out. I thought that this character was a good representation of what Kate would like. I then found a picture of a raccoon stuck and scaling the side of the building. This was a previous story I worked on for Kate, so I decided to provide a visual image of it. I then placed ‘Kate’ in the image and positioned and adjusted her size to appear like she was flying to him. There was a woman in the background looking at the raccoon and I used Kate to cover her up.┬áThis image was definitely a representation of her everyday life, saving animals all over the world. I really like how the two pictures came together and I was able to use my character for this assignment. Until next time, Emily