The Grinch in the Hat

For the assignment (3 stars), I decided to mashup two Dr. Seuss books. I started by thinking about what I children’s books would be fun to put together. I then found found a blue background to imitate the Cat in the Hat background. I then found the grinch and his dog and cut them out. I put the pictures together using the “Photoshop Mix” app on my iPad. I then added the hat and bow tie to the grinch. I could not figure out how to get the hat to fit properly on the grinch’s head which was frustrating. I then found a font that was similar to the type on the Cat in the Hat book. I played with the size and arrangement. I then saved the picture and uploaded it. When I put it on the blog, it became a little blurry which is annoying. I really liked this idea for the assignment and the end result.   Until next time, Emily