The Scratch

Hello, my name is Kate and this is my story.

It was a normal day until out of nowhere a cat runs out of the alley. The cat jumps on my shoulder and scratches me. I continue on throughout the day and the next morning I wake up with a funny feeling. I get ready for school and on my way I hear a funny voice calling out my name. I look everywhere for the sound and then I see a kitten stuck in a gutter. I run to help her and get her out of the gutter. She thanks me, and I ask her how I can understand her. I then remember the cat that attacked me and realized that the scratch must have given me a special power. Throughout, the day I have the ability to speak to all the animals. I go back and visit the kitten I saved and she tells me I need to use my power for good. I bring her back to my apartment and decide she can help me with my mission to save the animals of the world. This is my story.

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