The Ultimate Finale

The scene prior to the rescue:






Well this is the end! This class has taught me so much about the various forms of digital media and how to use each one. For the final project I gave my character, Kate, one of her hardest missions yet. She had to save a cat from a burning building that was about to collapse. Last week, I planned everything and created the mashup (see last weeks assignment).  I started the assignment by creating the first part of the assignment, the mashup. I used my app, photo mix to create the mashup with my cat and a burning building. For the second assignment, I created a video of photos and videos. This was a behind the scenes look at my character’s animal clinic. It was able to show the animal that she rescued from the burning building and her sanctuary which has all sorts of animals. It shows her carrying for the animals. I created the video using iMovie and used pictures and video that I took from the surrounding areas as wells as my cat.  The last part of the assignment was a radio interview that Kate did after the photo of her saving the cat went viral. I used audacity to alter the voices and to edit the audio in general. I then uploaded all of the material to flickr, youtube, and soundcloud. Overall, I really like how the project turned out! I really like how they each tie together and create the ultimate story of Kate. At first,I was worried about creating a story through three different media formats. The hardest part for me was the audio interview just because of the adjusting of the volume and changing the pitch of my voice so it would sound different for the interviewer. The three media formats I chose (mashup, video, and audio) were my favorite formats out of all of the options this semester. I was able to learn how to combine two photos to tell a unique story, use iMovie which I had never used before, and then learn about Audacity and see all of the features it has like changing the pitch or speed. Prior to this class, I had always wondered about these different media but had never had anything to do it for. Now, I am able to confidently use these medias and hope to use them in my other classes or for other things in my life. It has been a great semester, and I am so glad I took this class! Thanks Professor Bond!


For the last time,


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