Thoughts about Design and the Readings

Before reading these articles, I had no idea about all that goes into design. Design is something that is easy to forget about because it is so common and we see it in everything we use. I like how Vignelli goes into detail about the purposes of design and how it is not only used to make something pretty. It is also used for function and there is little to no room for error in design. He also discusses how design is supposed to stand out. I think this is very true and something that the designblitz helped me to see. The universality of design is also something that impresses me and that design never goes out of style. Design can appeal to everyone. I also liked that he discussed the practical side of design like logos or informational pieces for companies. I had never really thought about the design that goes into a book until he discussed the grid that has to be created. Kidd brought up the point that most decision we make are based on design. We look for patters that we recognize or appeal to us. This shows the importance of appealing to a consumer with labeling. I also found it interesting how design is not taking into account sustainability and working to thinking about the planet and not just the product.


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