Week Five Summary

This week was pretty crazy. In my other class, I had multiple exams and papers due so this week was stressful. Going into the week, I was nervous about the audio because I do not like to hear myself speak. However, the assignments I did were fun and not too hard. At first I had trouble downloading LAME but thanks to Professor Bond I got it to work. I listened to the radio show on Tuesday and really liked hearing all of the layering and sound effects they used.

Live Tweeting Anansi Boys

I then worked on my radio bumper. I had a hard time thinking of what to say and felt it was super awkward.

You’re Listening to DS106 Radio

I listened to “Moon Graffiti” and liked the features they used and how it made you think about the moon landing.

“Moon Graffiti”

The daily were very interesting to think about this week. My favorite was the one where you had to tell you age without using numbers.

Daily Creates for the Week

I chose to tell a story of me leaving my house and driving to campus for the sound effects story. I liked experimenting with the different sounds and freesound.

Commuter Sounds

I used my character to have a conversation with a animal who needed help. This allowed me to make my voice sound like a chipmunk and use audacity some more.

Hello this is Kate…

I found a remix of Beethoven and used this to recreate and it turned out very techno. This was great to see all of the different effects in Audacity.

Techno Beethoven

I blogged about my ideas for the radio show and will be interested to see how those develop.

Brainstorm for Radio Show

I really enjoyed getting to see everyone’s thoughts on the radio show and enjoyed getting to comment on those.


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