The Second Week Is Finished!

This week was a lot easier to handle since all of my sites were setup. I started over the weekend and made a plan of what I was going to do each day that way I wasn’t doing everything at once. It was so much easier that way! I started my assignments by doing the Daily Create for Saturday. I spent a lot of time thinking about this topic and trying to decide what I would do if I could go back in time. I decided to do walking on the moon because it was such a monumental thing and something that can never be replicated.

On Monday, I spent time looking through the assignment bank and all of the different options. I chose to do the “Quick, draw” assignment and it was so cool to see how the technology made guesses. This was probably the coolest thing I did this week, and I was glad I could inspire other people to do it!

The Amazing Mind of Google

I did another daily create on Tuesday. I decided to make a sailboat shadow with a piece of paper and a box. I was able to experiment with the light from the lamp and the movement of the paper.

For my next assignment, I chose to take pictures of my cat and add Shakespeare quotes to them. My cat has some really funny facial expressions, so it was not too difficult to find quotes to match them. On Wednesday, I also did some research for my group project and thought of some different examples of web storytelling through storyboards and a cool website that lets you pick random flickr photos to create a story. Jessica in my group thought of Reddit as an example of web-storytelling, and I really liked that idea and how people use these websites to talk about experiences in their lives pertaining to myths, legends, and folklore.

The Shakespearean Cat

I also did my last daily create for the week. I used my bathroom mirror to make the knocking sound. I tried to think of an item that would make a unique sound and I think the mirror was a good example.

On Thursday, I worked on my last assignment for the week and continued working on my group assignment. I had a hard time finding a assignment to do because I wanted to challenge myself a little bit. I decided to record myself reading a song aloud and giving the song a new meaning. I chose “Hello” by Adele and tried to make it sound happier. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be!


For Friday, I wrote up the assignment I created which involved using GIFs to give clues about a myth, legend, or folklore and having people guess which story it was. I thought this could have many different interpretations and would be fun to have people guess what it was. GIFs are so popular on the internet and can really be used to tell a story also. I created an example using Cinderella. Throughout the week, I tried to comment and like peoples tweets and posts as much as possible. I liked using twitter to keep up with the class the best because the comments show up automatically. I think I am still getting used to keeping up with all of the different platforms. During the week, I also played around with my blogs design. I kept the winter header because I really like the picture and thought it had a mythical feel to it. I added new fonts and became even more familiar with using word press.

I was really glad I started working on everything earlier on in the week because it got much more stressful towards the end of the week with the rest of my classes. That hardest thing this week was finding assignments to do because of my skill level and there were so many options. Overall, this week was a lot of fun!

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