Week 10 Summary

This has been another crazy week! I feel like all of my classes always have so much due every week! When I saw this was video week, I was super nervous and unsure about how it would go. I was surprised at the ease of video. It took me awhile to find assignments this week because of the number of options, and I also didn’t want ones that were over my skill level. My favorite thing was doing the movie analysis because I got apply things I learned to something real. My favorite assignment was the one where I made a video of where I would want to go. I really liked getting to find the pictures and music it. I was able to find my background music for my videos on freesound.org and really liked how all my assignments turned out.

Avengers Analysis




A Few of My Favorite Assignments

Where I Want to Go

Daily Creates:

I thought the daily creates were very unique for the week. I liked the generic products the best because it is very interesting to see how packaging has changed over the years.



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