Week 11 Summary

This week was a lot better than last week! I feel like I am getting better at making videos and enjoyed working on the assignments. For my first assignment, I decided to incorporate my character, Kate, in the assignment by showing the life of one of the animals she rescued. I used my cat and took pictures of him throughout the day and then compiled it into a video with captions and music. I thought it would be good to show one of Kate’s animals because that is her hob and it also continues the story of one of her rescues. For my next assignment, I created a documentary telling the story of how Kate became a superhero. It was really nice to be able to go back and retell Kate’s story. For my last assignment, I got to experiment and find my favorite transitions using iMovie.

A Day in the Life

The Story of Kate

The Best Transitions

Daily Creates:

Daily Creates for the Week


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