Week 12 Summary

This was a really fun week of assignments! I really liked all of the assignment options and it was hard to choose which ones to do. For the tutorial, I decided to do a mashup I had just done. I really like the holiday mashup, so I made a new mashup for the tutorial. I then incorporated my character into my assignment by placing her into an image by having her flying to rescue and animal. I then decided to mashup the nike and under armour logos which was fun to see together. My favorite project was the children’s book mashup where I mixed Dr. Seuss’ books the Cat in the Hat and the Grinch. I really liked this assignment because they are such popular books and have become iconic and are seen throughout society. The holiday mashup was also fun to do especially at this time of year. For my first remix, I took my logo mashup and redid it. Th second remix started with US history, and the remix wanted me to incorporate another language or country. I decided to make a collage of France’s history/buildings. I also enjoyed the daily creates for the week! I struggled with the remixes because it definitely pushed my creativity, I felt it was hard to match the remix with the assignment. At first, I was really worried about doing the mashups, but this may have been one of my favorites weeks because they were so fun to create.

Holiday Tutorial

Superhero Mashup

Logo Mashup

The Grinch in the Hat

Holiday Mashup

Logo Remix

History Remix

Daily Creates:

Daily Creates for Week 12


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