Week 13 Summary/Update on Final Project

For my final project (I can’t believe the semester is ending), I have struggled with what to do for this final project. I knew I wanted to have my last project show my character’s ultimate superhero moment. I brainstormed for a few days. I decided on the idea of my character, Kate, going into a burning building to save an animal. I did some research and fire is very prominent in many myths, legends, and folklore, so I knew that would be a good choice to use. I found this article on all of the beliefs of people about fire. I decided to use a mashup, a video, and an audio interview. I started by creating my mashup which involved a building on fire. I cutout a picture of my cat and placed it in one of the windows. I then made it a little transparent, so he would fit in the picture better. This weekend, I plan on working more on the project and getting it finished. For the video, I plan on doing a compilation of pictures and videos and making it into one big video showing what she does with the animal after she rescues it. The last part of the project will be a radio interview where she will be asked about her life as a superhero and what it was like going into a fire to save an animal. I really like the direction that this project is going and I am excited to work on it and see the final result!

Preview of the Project:



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