Week 6 Summary

Four Icons, One Rescue

Simplified Poster

A Cloud of Words

Logo for Kate

Design Blitz

Thoughts about Design and the Readings


Daily Creates



This week was another crazy week! This week was full of lots of papers and exams again. I found the design theme for the week really interesting and it provided me with more background on how design works and its multiple purposes. I incorporated my character into three of my assignments. I liked exploring the assignment bank for the week and working on my design and creativity skills. I really like the Noun Project website because it had so many options to explore. The design blitz was a very interesting way to look at design in the world and how it is used to attract to people. The reading also helped me understand the purposes of design. The daily creates were another great way to explore design and think about different thoughts this week. Overall, I really liked this week’s projects.


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