Week 7 Summary

I felt like this week was much smoother than the last two weeks! I really liked forming groups and being able to plan our show. We set up a slack feed and have been communicating on that. We have all been creating our ads and posters, and I think that everyone has done a great job! I created a poster on Adobe Spark for our show and think it ties into the theme very well. For my assignments, I created a radio bumper (4 stars) where I used some mythical background music. For my radio ad (3.5 stars), I created one advertisement for a pet healing amulet. I thought of this idea and knew it was kind of absurd and also something that you could definitely hear on the radio. I added a dog barking and cat meowing to make it feel more real. I created another ad for Mary Washington (4 stars). The goal was to make it super cheesy, so I added people talking in the background and talked about how amazing the food was. I also mentioned how campus with feel just like home. I really liked the daily creates for the week and think they made me think about the options for them. My favorite was the worst job ever one because I got to see all of the other replies and see how bad some jobs really are.

Radio Show Progress

Tune in to Listen


You are listening…

Come to UMW!

Pet Healing Amulet

Daily Creates:

Daily Creates Week 7



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