Week Four Summary

I felt this week was much more stressful. I started the assignments early in the week, but still felt like there was so much to do! My favorite assignment this week was the photoblitz because I got to look for the items I needed to photograph, and then I tried to take them in a creative manner. I chose to watch “Once upon a Time” and I enjoyed analyzing it and figuring out which techniques they used to emphasize the scenes. For my character assignment, I found and took pictures of what my character would keep in her bag. I tried to be as creative as possible with this and make it super functional. I then read and wrote about my past with photography and my hope that I can get better with my skills. The collages of my vacation (3 stars) and my cat(3.5 stars) took the most time because the original website I found made the collages super small and blurry. Therefore, I had to experiment with several different websites and I finally found the app, Fotor photo editor, which allowed me to do so much more. It was also hard to pick the photos and then make sure I didn’t have the same pose or item. I incorporated my character into my last assignment for the week (4.5 stars). I decided to tell a story of my character rescuing a cat in five pictures. This took a lot of thought and was difficult to take the pictures and set the scenes up with my cat and the ladder. I then added the text bubbles since my character can talk to animals.

“Once Upon a Time” Review

The Mary Poppins Bag

Experience in the World of Photography

Ready, Set, Take the Picture

Memories from Great Britain

A Collage for My Cat

Kate to the Rescue

These are my daily creates for the week. This week was my favorite week for the daily creates! They were fun to do, and I worked to find some funny GIFs.

I also worked on my commenting this week and tried to do it throughout the week. It is really nice to see what assignments other people are doing and hearing some of their tips and thoughts.

Overall, this week was much more stressful than the other weeks, but I did enjoy the assignments I chose. I look forward to continuing to develop my character and reading how other people’s characters are progressing.


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