Week Three Summary

This weeks assignments were really fun to do! The extension really helped me because I was sick, so I was able to work on Week Three’s assignments on Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed reading the story, “A Study in Emerald” and then reviewing it and seeing the different writing techniques. I decided to create a character that could save animals because I thought it would be a good character to develop and I really liked the idea. For the Haiku (1 star), I read through “Puss in Boots” this was my favorite assignment to write. It allowed me to learn and read through the original tale. I then got to dream about where I would live (3 stars), and I chose England because of my previous visit there. For my next assignment I used the superhero name generator (2 stars) to create my superhero “Captain Synapse”. This encouraged my creativity and made me think about a superhero who could rid the world of negative emotions. For my last assignment, I chose to write a monologue of a household tool, my vacuum (4.5 stars). It was interesting to put myself into my vacuum’s position and imagine and to animate it. I really liked the assignment I chose and I think I am getting better at my creative skills of imaging characters or stories. This week was much easier for me to do and the only thing I struggled with was staying on track with the assignment since I was sick.

“A Study In Emerald” Review

The Scratch

A Fairytale Made Shorter

Tea Time Everyday

A Day in the Life of Captain Synapse

Waiting for My Time


Here are my daily creates for the week. I think designing the badge was my favorite daily create because I got to recognize my mom.

For my comments this week, I looked through the website and worked to comment and read everyone’s posts. I really enjoy reading what characters other people have written and hearing about their creative processes.

Overall, I thought this week was much less stressful, and I really enjoyed the writing assignments.


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